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This website is an initiative of and is managed by IEX Media BV in the Netherlands (IEX.nl). The website, technology and all copyrights belong to IEX.nl. This disclaimer is limited to this specific website: www.virtualtrader.co.uk. By looking at this website and using the offered information, you agree with the conditions mentioned below.

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Investing and risk

In general, it must be noticed that investing brings risk. The consumer of our information is responsible for the choice and the utilization of this information. The information mentioned on this website contains absolutely no offer of securities in which jurisdiction whatsoever, nor a recommendation of Virtual Trader, IEX, other partners and sponsors concerning buying and selling of securities.


Virtual Trader, IEX.nl, and other partners and sponsors cannot be held responsible (whatsoever) for damages resulting from bad functioning of underlying website(s), systems, data feeds or other (technical) problems.

IEX spends extreme care on reliability and that information is up to date on its websites. Inadequacies can occur however. IEX, as well as its associated ventures, data vendors, partners and sponsors, are not responsible for damages as a result of inadequacies, problems caused by, or inherent to spreading the information using the Internet as well as technical difficulties. Also they accept no liability for possible losses, which are suffered as a result of using rates and other data on this website.

Intellectual property rights

IEX preserves all rights (including copyrights, mark rights and patents) concerning the presented information on the website (including texts, graphic material and logos). Except for downloading and printing the ordered information for personal use, it is not permitted to be taken, to be multiplied, to be deep linked, that the the content of the website is made public or is distributed in any way.

Applicable law

This website and all information published on this website (including this disclaimer) have been aimed principly at the English public but are controlled by Dutch law. The Dutch judge is by exclusion competent to judge dealing with possible disputes that arise concerning this website and the published information on it.


IEX preserves the right to modify the information on this website (including the text of this disclaimer) and the rules of the game at any time without notice. It deserves recommendation to consult disclaimer, privacy statement and game rules regularly, in order to be aware of possible modifications.

Further information

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