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Virtual Trader ™ was originally launched in March 2000 and acquired by IEX Info Exchanges in 2001. Since then it has been transformed into a true stock market simulator, enabling real-time online trading with virtual money. People can join the Prize League, or play Private investment Games (friends, colleagues etc). Current users range from complete novices to professional money managers. In the UK over 130,000 players registered, reaching approximately 4 million page views per month.

But the most realistic simulated stock trading game available is more than just an on-line game. Virtual Trader ™ is a dynamic and interactive marketing proposition for companies in the financial markets. White label versions of Virtual Trader ™ can be integrated into your website, or rebuild into (co-)branded action marketing websites.

White label licensing

Why should you consider using Virtual Trader ™ as a new means of marketing your brand or product?

  • Virtual Trader ™ attracts a specific market audience
  • Virtual Trader ™ educates investors on new products
  • Virtual Trader ™ creates extensive brand awareness over long periods of time
  • Virtual Trader ™ shows people the advantages of investing into new markets, countries or exchanges
  • Virtual Trader ™ creates site stickiness
  • Virtual Trader ™ generates a substantial number of user page views

Experience counts

IEX Info Exchanges has extensive experience in organizing Private label investment games.

  • Largest investment game in the Netherlands – 29,000 participants
  • Organiser of "Slimste Belegger", together with RBS Markets
  • Technical partner Cross media (TV, internet & SMS) MoneyMakers game
  • Organiser of two ‘Future of Europe’ future games ( Eurex )
  • Technical & media partner for two Financial Students Associations Games
  • Organiser of, together with Euronext and ABN AMRO
  • Organiser of the ‘SmallCap Challenge’ ( Kempen & Co )

Virtual Trader ™ offers a proven concept and compelling solution for any supplier of financial services, web sites and Portals focussing on the stock markets , Online Financial Newspapers and Magazines and Brokers or Financial Information services site.

Virtual Trader ™ can either be integrated into your web site, or build into a new site (e.g. In the latter, we can integrate your existing investment resources such as news, company research etc, to generate additional traffic and attract new users and investors to you site.

For further details of the above and other promotional opportunities available, please contact Niek den Tex at +31-20-4352185 (head office Amsterdam) or by e-mail