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Privacy Statement

This website is an initiative of and is managed by IEX Media BV (IEX). The website, technology and all copyrights belong to IEX.

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IEX values your privacy and will protect this at any time. In this privacy statement you can read how we handle your personal data and what you can do if you do not want to supply or receive certain information.


  1. 1. What personal information does Virtual Trader register and what is this used for?
  2. 2. What happens with my personal information?
  3. 3. The advantage of filling in your personal information
  4. 4. The advantage of using cookies
  5. 5. What can I if I do not want to supply or receive certain information?
  6. 6. What happens when modifications in the privacy statement are made?

1. What personal information does IEX register and what is this used for?

To give you entrance to certain services, IEX needs your name, address information, phone number. IEX uses this information, when necessary, to contact you.

Username and pasword
Your email address forms in combination with your password (which is sent to you by email) the key to obtain access to the services and websites of After the first time, you can login and modify your pasword in the member center of the site. If you have lost or forgotten your pasword, you can request it by using the link ‘Forgot pasword?’. IEX will send your pasword again by e-mail.

Usage information
Each server (www, wap, ftp, smtp, pop3, news - and chatservers) where you logon to, registers generic data concerning usage, the phone number, the IP-address, the log-in and log-out time (session duration) and the quantity of information that is sent. IEX uses this information on an aggregated level to manage its services and to monitor interests. It enables IEX to improve its services to meet the demands of its users.

Not-personal related details
IEX collects not-personal related details of it’s users, ie. the site from where a connection has been made with one of our sites. This information is used only to help IEX to arrange it’s services as efficient as possible. From time to time, it is possible for IEX to provide owners or operators of third party webites, which are linked to the IEX sites, information relating to the number of users that came from their sites and visited the IEX sites. This information contains no personal data from IEX members.

Third Party Sites
IEX is not responsible for the privacy measures that other websites take, even if these have been linked to IEX sites or if you visit other sites through an IEX website. IEX recommends you to read their privacy policy.

2. What happens with your personal information?

Your personal information is owned and kept by IEX. After recording, IEX uses the collected information particularly for own marketing purposes and to look after it’s service to members. Moreover, IEX can only offer e-mail data to third parties for commercial purposes after you have given authorisation to do so. If you give authorisation to supply your data to third parties, we take care that the information you will receive from that party, will as much as possible meet your interests. IEX wants to service you all the time!

3. The advantage of filling in your data

IEX continuously searches for improvement for it’s members and tries to express these improvements when making agreements with third parties

4. The advantage of using cookies

Cookies are little text files that carry specific data from a computer that visits a website. Cookies are saved on the hard disk of a personal computer and enable you to search the web easier and quicker because sites you visited before are ‘recognised’ by your computer.You do not have to, if you revisit this site, fill in the same information over and over again. Almost all well known websites use cookies to optimize internet traffic. Most browsers are set up to accept cookies. You can also instruct your computer not to accept cookies or warn you if cookies are send to your computer. It is possible that in case you reject cookies, some services and parts of the IEX websites do not work well.

5. What can you do if you do not want to supply or receive certain information?

During registration, you can tell, how you would like IEX to handle your information. Even after registration, you can look and/or modify your personal details information in our member section.

If you prefer to remove all your personal data from our database, you need to send an e-mail message to: We will remove all your information within 10 working days from our database.

6. What happens when modifications in the privacy statement are made?

IEX preserves the right to modify the privacy statement. It is recommended to consult, the disclaimer, the privacy statement and the game rules on a regular base, so that you are aware of possible modifications.

Further information

Would you like more information or do you have remarks concerning this privacy statement? Contact us at the following phone number: +31-20-4352170

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